Thursday, September 2, 2010

OneBurger "More Than a Hamburger Place"

Straight from the founders @ OneBurger

Oneburger, a new and unique burger concept located adjacent to its sister restaurant, The Globe Cafe
& Bar in Coral Gables.

“My goal was two-fold” said daniel guiteras, oneburger's founder. “first, we set out to create a basic, but more gourmet or boutique burger (using the highest quality ingredients) that was a cut-above the standard fast-food prototype, but still more affordable than a higher-end restaurant burger. secondly, we wanted to take classic dishes or recipes and apply them to the 'art' of the burger. we really wanted to get out of the 'cheese, lettuce, tomato' box. The more creative we got in the test kitchen, the more we saw the potential for truly unique burgers. oneburger recipes are modern and really delicious, and, moreover, we feel that their time has come as today's consumers have a more sophisticated food sense.”

“Along with all this we also wanted to create a more cutting-edge and progressive identity in terms of design and packaging. the look and style of oneburger is something important to us. From a design stand-point, I think we are the first building painted pure black in coral gables. The positive response to this has been surprising”

Oneburgers menu is divided into four categories: beef; chicken/ turkey & veal; seafood; and vegetarian.

Beef burgers run the gamut from modern takes on traditional burgers such as the “patty melt”, the “old school” (royal castle style), “twin minis” and the "bacon cheddar" (with pancetta bacon & english double gloucester farmstead cheese) to more zeitgeist, recipe-based burgers such as the “kobe”, the “au poivre”, a “frita cubana” and the “black, black & blue burger” - a delicious combination of homemade and hand-rubbed blackening powder with a black bean spread and maytag blue cheese.

Rounding-out the 30 burger menu (the name oneburger is a play on “the number one burger”) are crispy chicken sandwiches, a broad range of inventive salads, soups, chicken tenders and wings, three types of hand-cut fries (yukon gold potato, yuca and sweet potato), beer battered onion rings, thick milkshakes, homemade desserts, adult and kid toy meals (with cool objects culled from around the world) and breakfast choices including bagel/biscuit burgers and authentic belgian waffles. OneBurger Gift Certificates: Save up to 60% off your next meal!

As a OneBurger customer I will just say "it's great to have a real, juicy burger for a change" and after the burger walk over to The Globe and enjoy a cocktail.  Great food and fantastic selection for those who prefer something other than a burger. 

367 Alhambra Circle
Coral Gables, Florida  33134

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