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Experience the Flavors and Cultures of our Magic City at Miami Culinary Tours

What better way to experience the flavors, culture and people that make up a city, but through the food.  Some of the most popular reality shows today are those that bring us into the kitchens of restaurants, cafe's, food trucks and homes around the world.   We invite you to experience the flavors and cultures of our Magic City at Miami Culinary Tours.

The Miami pioneer’s of culinary tours in the area. With so many flavors colliding into one city, Miami is one of the most exciting culinary destinations – And we’re ready to share it with both adventurous and selective eaters everywhere. After a lot of homework (and a lot of eating), we’ve carefully chosen only the best places in the neighborhoods we offer our food tours so you can sample the most savory dishes and learn about the culture behind the food.

Grace Della, Founder, Ethnic Dining Expert & Food Blogger

“We offer a different perspective on Miami because we are food people, we like to experience other cultures and learn about new places through food, we find comfort in such”

Hello! My name is Grace Della. The idea of offering culinary tours came to me over 10 years ago when I first mentioned it to my mother. My mom loves to cook, loves food and learning about different cultures just as much as I do.  I was at my parent’s home and my mom and I were sitting outside overlooking her 60 different varieties of orchids in her lush tropical garden after having a few too many glasses of Malbec wine. I looked inside my mother’s rustic kitchen with copper pans hanging from the ceiling, turn my head back to her and said: “Mom, you have a passion for cooking, you love people and teaching is in your blood, as soon as I get back home I am starting to market cooking classes and culinary tours for you to conduct right here in your beautiful kitchen and picturesque town.”

Today after a decade, my mother gives cooking classes of traditional empanadas and culinary tours that are booked solid every week. It was not my idea nor my online marketing skills that made my mom successful – it was her. I have seen so much love going my mother’s way in the last decade (people that took her cooking class 5 years ago still sends her holiday cards on the mail!). People just connect with her, and I truly believe it is because she is who she is – and she shares her passion for food and her home with such an open and giving heart.

I remember as a little girl that the happiest times at home were when my mom would cook, family would come around and everyone would share stories around the table. I came up with the idea of Miami Culinary Tour’s first tour called the Cuban-Inspired Food Tour back when nobody had ever heard of food tours in Miami. I was lucky to have some of the most passionate people joining my team and believed in my idea. Together we introduce the different flavors that make up Miami with those who share our passion for food.



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