Contributing editors for the Miami Food Review can be something very fun and exciting.  To become a contributor it is very simple, here are the requirements: 

  • You Love Food!
  • You Love Having Fun!
  • Write from the heart, works the best!
  • Native or Visitor!
I think these requirements are fairly simple, "You Love Food and Love Having Fun!"  We can't be everywhere and we do not all share the same tastes for food and ambiance, so that is why contributors are welcome.  You may enjoy sushi and know the best places in town, not because you are a sushi chef, but because you are a fanatic sushi Foodie.  The same applies for those who prefer Italian food to French food to Oriental or those who are just Burger Maniacs, whatever your taste buds are, it's o.k., that's what makes this exciting and fun, and what makes our communities vibrant and exciting.

If you are interested, please feel free to email me directly at sergio@miamifoodreview.com.  Make sure to put contributing editor on the subject line.

After I receive your email I will either call you or respond to your email so that we can start communicating.  The process for contributing new ideas and suggesting new places is also simple.  I will provide you with author privileges with a unique user name and password.  You will be able to compose, edit all your posts, include images and links within your post.  When you complete and submit your post it will automatically be directed to me for editing.  The editing process insures that formatting is correct and that it adheres to our publishing policy and from time to time I may suggest changes or additions to your post.

Hope to here from you soon.  Remember, we are all contributors, just share your comments , it is all about fun.

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