Sunday, July 8, 2012

MLT Cheesesteaks on Miami Beach

Opened in December 2011, MLT, Cheesesteaks and Grilled Cheese was born out of five lifelong friends’ hunger for authentic Philly Cheesesteaks in their hometown, Miami Beach. Unable to find anything close to authentic in South Beach, the five friends began their quest to create the perfect “Miami” Philly cheesesteak.  Taking frequent trips to the City of Brotherly Love, these five friends painstakingly taste tested the best Philadelphia had to offer.  The result – the best local homemade Philly cheesesteak you’ll find with fresh Amoroso rolls, lean rib-eye steak and don’t forget, Whiz.

But that’s just the half of it.  These five friends also realized that there were no local restaurants dedicated to the simplest yet tastiest of foods – grilled cheese. Come on; who hasn’t had a craving for the cheesy gooey goodness? Again, the five friends sampled and searched and searched and sampled every grilled cheese they could find until they were able to perfect an undeniably toasty, delicious grilled cheese sandwich.  With the freshest ingredients, help from specialty chefs, and a few tricks up their sleeves, MLT’s grilled cheese stands alone…at the top!


And where the tagline ends, the menu begins.  Beyond the Philly cheesesteaks and grilled cheese, the five friends decided that their customers should always be able to sample some of the same foods that high-end restaurants feature but not at high-end prices.  The friends have made sure to include additional specialty foods such as braised BBQ short rib sliders, homemade fried chicken and waffles, truffle macaroni and cheese, fried Oreos and other culinary delights – all offered at affordable prices and made with the freshest ingredients.

May all your cravings always be met @ MLT, CHEESESTEAKS and GRILLED CHEESE!

- The five friends

P.S. – Make sure to check back often as the five friends are always thinking of new and creative ways to serve your favorite comfort foods.

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MLT Cheesesteaks

1541 Washington Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 672-1541

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